Waukesha County Technical College Chooses to Partner with Andrews Technology for NOVAtime Time & Attendance System
By David Robinson

Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC), located in Wisconsin has selected Andrews Technology as their NOVAtime provider for new time management system.

October 2013 – Waukesha County Technical College has selected Andrews Technology to manage the implementation of the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS (Software as a Service) Time Management System.  NOVAtime 4000 SaaS is designed to alleviate the College from all server maintenance responsibility, as well as the responsibility of providing data loss prevention strategies.

WCTC will manage over 1500 employees using the NOVAtime Time & Attendance system.  This NOVAtime web-based product will aid the College in maximizing administrative productivity and minimizing administrative cost.  The system accomplishes this by providing accurate job and labor tracking by way of consistent regulation of specific pay rules.  Moreover, NOVAtime will streamline their payroll processing by establishing a successful interface with WCTC’s existing financial system.

All of WCTC’s employees will utilize Employee Web Services to punch in/out through PC or Smart Phone. Employees will also have the ability to view their own time records, schedules, status of sick/vacation/personal days, and request time off electronically. Furthermore, WCTC selected the NT450 time clocks to work in conjunction with their time management system.

Jamie Blundell, Vice President of Sales at Andrews Technology, adds, “Waukesha County Technical College needed a system that was user friendly and would allow employees the ability to view their schedules in real time, view their timesheets in real time, and request time off electronically.  Additionally, the ability to interface with their financial system was essential to their selection of NOVAtime.”