Native Mobile Apps

Mobility apps have become an indispensable part of everyday work

Native Mobile Apps

Work-related apps are great solutions for increasing demand for workplace efficiency and helping to meet crucial requirements needed to run a company.

Product Overview

NOVAmobile (Native Mobile Applications) provides employee management solutions to any company, offering mobile applications that can be downloaded through the app market including Google Play, App Store, and Windows.

The apps are designed to meet with every company’s demands for functionality with consideration to developing an effective workforce management system. NOVAmobile provides every company with an effective and dynamic way to handle schedule management on demand.

Powered and developed by  NOVAtime’s top-notch expert mobility provider, the 5000 Saas Solutions, the app combines the best elements of a good schedule management app. It was developed with the intention to be a component of any company’s operation and management departments such as Payroll, HR, and the like.

Available in several languages including Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French Canadian, and Traditional Chinese, NOVAmobile’s app is simple yet functional. The mobile app is configurable and easy to install giving every user the ability to manipulate the settings as he likes. The app also provides the needed security giving access only to authorized employees with high-precision encryption to protect sensitive information.

Access to the portals also provides employees a simple way to manage and distribute critical information, especially to companies supporting regulations to bring their own devices. NOVAmobile is also available for Microsoft-powered devices like those running on Windows 10.

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Workforce Attendance and Time Accessibility Features:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Management of job or project relegation and transfers
  • GPS location-based electronic punch lockout.
  • Configurable job and department realignment based on geographical coordinates or address.
  • Work hours audit based on a specific pay period.
  • Work schedule viewing for ongoing and weekly tasks.
  • Request portal for personal absences including sick leave, vacations, and others
  • Personal request for time-off standing review.
  • Submission of crucial reports including FMLA requests, expense reports, and employee timesheets.
  • Creation and revision of employee information and personal profile.

Supervisor WFM Features & Functionality:

  • Timesheet management for individual employees.
  • Timesheet approval.
  • Team punch – schedule management for on-the-run project employees.
  • Time-off request management including approval and detraction.
  • Management of company costs and expenses.
  • Auditing of FMLA requests.


  • Utilizes mobility to make tasks simple and straightforward.
  • Provides state-of-the-art functionality in cases when connectivity is weak such as punching offline(time ins and outs are stored on the mobile device until the internet connection is restored.)
  • Location-based (GPS) functionality allows supervisors to authenticate the exact location the punch was taken at.
  • Optional ability to attach important documents such as expense receipts and other related documents.