Synel Synergy

The Synel Synergy achieves fast matching times while performing complex operations at the clock. This device is a sleek, plastic-encased terminal with four user-programmable function keys plus in/out keys. It can quickly identify each employee by fingerprint, and users can add verification options such as badge or PIN to increase security, which helps reduce buddy punching. The Synel Synergy is also paired with your time and attendance software without the need for middleware, making for an even more seamless experience.


• 3.5″ TFT high clear graphic color LCD screen
• Six function keys, 10 alphanumeric keys, and in/out keys
• Durable plastic terminal
• Battery backup for extended three hours of use
• Terminal includes a wall mount, Ethernet patch cable, external power adapter, and 4GB micro SD card
• 9,500 EE user capacity
• Five-level job costing
• Extra pay
• Door relay
• User validation
• In/Out prompt