Alcohol Screening

Breath Testing

The NoahFace alcohol screening solution can be used for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Registration

Employees and returning visitors are identified using facial recognition, which is fast, accurate, and reliable.

A breath test is then initiated on an adjacent wall-mounted device. Those with normal readings are granted access, and those with elevated readings are denied access.

Alert emails can be sent for elevated readings, and all events are securely stored in the Cloud for viewing and reporting.


Safer Workplaces. Reduce the risk of workplace injuries caused by alcohol impairment.

Reduced Legal Risk. Maintain a photographic and time-stamped audit trail of all readings.


Breath Testing for alcohol is widely used in industries with heavy or dangerous equipment. eg:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport

How it works

NoahFace runs on an iPad that is mounted on the wall next to your breath testing device. In the fully integrated solution, NoahFace:

  • Recognizes staff and returning visitors using facial recognition.
  • Optionally presents health and safety policies that must be acknowledged.
  • Initiates the breath test on the adjacent device.

The breath testing device then:

  • Performs the breath test.
  • Optionally sends alert emails for elevated readings.
  • Returns the reading to NoahFace.

Finally, NoahFace:

  • Either grants or denies access based on the reading and the configured threshold.
  • Stores each event securely in the Cloud for viewing and reporting purposes.
  • If appropriate, forwards the event to an integrated payroll or access control system.