UKG Scheduler

Streamline scheduling and put the right people where they’re needed most.

Creating meaningful schedules that meet the needs of your business and your people can be a complex, time-consuming, and downright frustrating task. With UKG ReadyTM Scheduler, automatically generate schedules that are the best fit for your organization and your budget. Our solution proactively builds schedule recommendations that are based on operational demand, required skills, compliance rules, and your people’s availability and preferences.

Key Benefits

For managers

  • Automatically generate best-fit schedules based on a set of predefined criteria
  • Make changes on the fly to meet scheduling needs in the moment
  • Adhere to scheduling rules and policies that will help avoid grievances, litigation, fatigue, and fines
  • Gain real-time visibility into accurate employee data, payroll costs, and staffing demand
  • Get visibility into employee skills, certifications, and experience in order to make the best staffing decisions
  • Manage schedules anytime, anywhere, on any device

For Employees

  • Easily access daily, weekly, and monthly views of your schedule from any device
  • Set your scheduling preferences so managers can take them into account when building schedules
  • Manage availability in real-time to give coworkers and managers the insight they need to stay informed
  • Balance life and work by syncing your personal and professional schedule in one place
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest scheduling changes, open shifts, and swap requests

Key Features

  • Skill, credential, and certification tracking
  • Automated employee-to-shift matching algorithms
  • Business data-import tool
  • Pattern template scheduling
  • Budget and workload management
  • Rule and constraints library
  • Drag-and-drop schedule builder
  • Unassigned shift management
  • Mass editing capabilities
  • Change alerts and notifications
  • Call list
  • Employee self-service such as coverage requests, open shift requests, and swaps
  • Automatic schedule sync for timecards, time off, and leave of absence
  • Two-way texting for employee and manager self-service functionality
  • Standard report library, including employee availability and preferences, open shifts, requests for coverage, roll call, scheduled vs. actual, shift-swap requests, and more.