Comply With State and Federal Labor Laws

Keeping abreast of the labor laws can be quite challenging without a workforce management tool. NOVAtime is just the right tool to give your organization the flexibility to establish and modify the system to compute workers’ time, leave of absences, or payroll schedule without paying for a very expensive customized code. Backend software support for NOVAtime also ensures that your company will be compliant with all pertinent laws relating to your industry.

Ward Off Lawsuits

NOVAtime monitors the amount of rest, lunchtime, overtime, and night differential costs that each worker is entitled to. This is to ensure that you won’t face any lawsuits in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, or any complaints regarding unpaid wages.

  • Compute daily, weekly, holiday, or weekend overtime pays
  • Manage your exempt or nonexempt workers
  • Compute penalties for extended meal breaks in accordance with state or federal laws
  • Determine the correct number of meal hours for employees
  • Manages expenses
  • Ensure you comply with the Affordable Care Act in dealing with full-time employees or part-time workers so you can avoid paying penalties
  • Determine the number of hours of part-time workers and convert them into the hours of full-time employees (also called Full Time Equivalency)
  • Define stability period, administration, and standard measurement for your employees
  • Determine stability, management, and initial measurement for new employees in accordance with the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions under the Affordable Care Act
  • Fulfill requirements of the Payroll-Based Journal reporting guidelines for healthcare

Payroll Based Journal (PBJ)

PBJ electronic reporting guidelines are mandated by Sec. 6106 of the Affordable Care Act. Companies and organizations are required to present staffing information for current and new workers to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The NOVAtime tool is updated to include the specifications set aside by the CMS. Employee data can also be inputted into the PBJ system.

Family and Medical Leave Act

The NOVAtime tool provides the platform for companies to manage and supervise the number of leave of absences of their employees.  It’s virtually tamper-proof since each approved request made by the employee is supported with a signature code. Under FMLA, workers are entitled to leave if they already worked 1,250 hours or at least a year for a certain company. NOVAtime tracks the number of hours an employee has worked in your organization. Should the request for leave already surpass the 480-hour limit, you will be notified accordingly.

Sick Leave Compliance

The NOVAtime tool will:

  • Validate in real-time the application for leave by employees online or via the time clock
  • Carryover limits for sick leave to ensure employees don’t abuse the privilege
  • Compute the entitled leave credits based on years of service, minimum work rendered, and the standard leave grants