UKG Learning

Easily track necessary skills and manage training opportunities to grow and develop your employees

UKG ReadyTM Learning enables you to support a holistic approach to learning by providing a seamless learning management solution that engages employees and aligns learning to your compliance, training, and development efforts.

Key Benefits

For HR Professionals

  • Streamline and automate employee and new hire learning, and training administration
  • Drive better business outcomes with a holistic approach to learning and development
  • Improve employee engagement and support a more connected culture through feedback and learning
  • Reduce the risk of compliance violations from poorly tracked or documented training

For Employees

  • Easily access learning and training on the job, at any time, and from any device
  • Grow their careers by developing their skills and knowledge
  • Provide opportunities to engage with colleagues, provide expertise, and ask for feedback

Key Features

  • Drag and drop course and curricula creation
  • Store, curate, and share any type of content
  • Upload content from any source or leverage built-in content marketplace
  • Course recommendation engine
  • Automated exams and grading
  • Groups and discussion boards
  • Company and group news feeds
  • Badges and peer achievements
  • Leaderboards and gamification
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Track KPIs and performance level benchmarks