Beaufort County of South Carolina Partners with Andrews Technology
By David Robinson

Andrews Technology announces Beaufort County’s decision to implement the NOVAtime Web-based system for the entire County’s time management system. 

January 2014 – In an effort to streamline the work management system in Beaufort County, South Carolina, Beaufort County selected the NOVAtime 4000 Software as a Service (SaaS) as their ideal solution, and Andrews Technology to oversee implementation and support.  NOVAtime 4000 SaaS is designed to alleviate the County from all server maintenance responsibility, as well as the responsibility of providing data loss prevention strategies.

NOVAtime 4000 permits government organizations to manage employees’ time and attendance with precision.  The system analyzes job and labor records to regulate expenses, while also making it possible for payroll overseers to create timely payroll reports with brilliant reliability.

Beaufort County will manage 1500 employees using the NOVAtime system with over 60 NT450 biometric fingerprint terminals. The County will also provide its employees with information at their fingertips by the incorporation of Employee Web Services (EWS), allowing employees to view work information such as schedules, timesheets and benefit usage/accrual information.  Additionally, the County has gained the ability to automate their time-off request system with the use of EWS.

Jamie Blundell, Vice President of Andrews Technology explains, “The seamless integration between NOVAtime and Beaufort County’s existing systems will allow the County to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process their payroll.”