GT400 Biometric Hand Terminal

Automated Biometric Time Clock

The automated time clock offers a one-stop self-service terminal for your personnel, including monitoring employee punch in and punch out times to better manage their time and your resources. The push technology assures updated software and info at all times, which lessens the risk of network downtime.

The handpunch time clock utilizes hand geometry to ensure the workers are who they say they are. There’s no cheating the system so they can’t ask their co-worker to log in for them even if they are nowhere in the office. Lost IDs and badges also won’t be a problem with this technology. With the handpunch reader, you immediately eliminate unauthorized entry.

Important features for employees:

  • Monitors sick leave, vacation hours, and emergency leave
  • You can examine the work schedules and timesheets
  • Track your own performance
  • Employees can time in using ID, hands, barcode or even if they’re near the device
  • Offline punch in times
  • Transfer large groups in case of workforce augmentation

Important Features for Supervisors and Management:

  • Arrange workers’ schedules
  • View timesheets of workers, accrual balance, and timesheets
  • Track employee performance
  • Record tips, incentives, and bonuses
  • Key in a private message to a particular employee


  • Removes the practice of buddy punching
  • Real-time data provided
  • Easy to learn self-service functionality
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • No bulky terminal support is needed due to the Ethernet adapter already fitted to the device
  • No need to hire extra manpower to monitor employee attendance
  • Always connected to the manufacturer server
  • Optimizes productivity
  • Easy to read touch screen display
  • Eliminates simple management requests allowing employees to focus on their tasks
  • Eliminates trivial lawsuits due to accurate time management for workers
  • No need to create individual badges for employees since they can use their hand as their card to enter the premises